SmartPlayer Resource – NEW!

Netball is heading back to the courts and our young players are excited about the start of the season. A new ...

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NetballSmart Prepare to Play Resource

This NetballSmart Prepare to Play Resource has been specifically developed for the Covid-19 level ...

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Welcome to the NetballSmart website

NetballSmart as the Netball New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy is the healthy heart of netball. It is ...

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New Homebased Preparation Programmes

The Covid-19 virus has changed our landscape considerably. Sport is not physically accessible or visual on ...

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The NetballSmart Lockdown Lowdown

The Covid-19 climate is evolving every day. We know this time has been stressful for people and many of you ...

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The NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-Up

This is the official 15-20 minute warm-up for Netball, that when done 2-3 times a week decreases injury and improves performance.

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