Netball is a game full of explosive movements, repeated landings and a lot of jumping and landing – so it’s important we prepare our body, heart and mind for trainings and games.

Teaching our players how to jump and land correctly helps prevent Netball related injuries and improves performance.

Targeting coaches at all levels of the game, a new NetballSmart resource – called Landing Skills: Level 1,2 & 3 – has been launched to help players improve their movements.

The resource includes a 27-page booklet as well as a series of instructional videos. It is broken down into three levels depending on a player’s capability – core foundation, multi-directional and plyometrics.

NetballSmart Programme Manager Sharon Kearney says that Landing Skill sessions should be short in duration and focused on quality.

“The focus should be on the skill of the landing movement rather than the height of the jump,” said Kearney.

“Jumping and landing correctly doesn’t always come naturally – so completing 10 minutes of this Landing Skills module after a NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-Up or during skills and activity sessions will help reduce injuries and improves performance.”