Silver Fern Maddy Gordon used to train a lot – but now she knows that rest and recovery are also key to winning performances.

“I pride myself on being fit and I love pushing myself,” says 21-year-old Silver Fern Maddy Gordon.

Gordon has learnt a lot in her young professional career. She used to get in trouble for overtraining because she’d always go for a run on her days off.

These days she talks to her strength and conditioning coach Adam Allen and physio Nikki Lynch to get the thumbs up before more exercise.

“I love it when I get the all clear for a run. It’s good for my soul,” she says.

“But I’ve also learnt the importance of rest and recovery. I make sure I’m not overdoing it so when it comes to time to perform, I am ready.”

She says becoming Silver Fern No 177 was a surreal feeling.

“It came around much sooner than I expected. I didn’t think I would be this young,” she says. “I remember just standing out on court and it dawned on me that I was achieving a lifetime goal. It was so exciting and I want to build on that.”

Article and picture supplied by ACC.