“Netball is a physically demanding game, we jump high and we stop fast” – Sam Winders - Silver Fern (NetballSmart Dynamic warm up) and to do this well Netball players need to be strong, have great core and excellent control. To help achieve this NetballSmart have develop two great resources:

These programmes sit in the resource section of the NetballSmart website. Investment in strength and core will make a difference to performance and help prevent injury. Get started on these programmes and see what a difference you can make and how it will improve your game when you are on the court.

“Netball is a very physically demanding sport, you have to stop suddenly, change direction suddenly and you have to be able to get in the air and to land really strongly and so preparing your body to do this, to minimise injury risk, is really important. I work on my body weight strength and my core” Tayla Earle, ANZP Mystics player.

NetballSmart will continue to develop these programmes so we look forward to you returning to the NetballSmart website.