NetballSmart as the Netball New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy is the healthy heart of netball.

It is about Netball and aims to reduce significant injuries, improve performance, player well-being and keep netballers in the game.

NetballSmart is flexible, nimble and evolving as it responds to international research. The key focus is to improve the performance of players and reduce anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and ankle injuries which are the two most common injuries in Netball.

NetballSmart is embedded into Netball and extends beyond a warm-up. The NetballSmart Dynamic Warm up (NSDWU) is used to prepare the players for the game. It is Netball specific and will “warm” the player up, prepare the player for the dynamic movement skills of the game, improve the movement performance and decrease injury risk.

NetballSmart does not stop at the warm-up. There are also other strategies and resources to improve performance and decrease injury risk:

  • Landing Skills – to improve the movement skills of the game (landing, stopping, change of direction and jumping)
  • strengthening programmes
    • Body weight strengthening
    • Core and Balance
  • Educational resources for recovery, parents and players

Enjoy your journey through NetballSmart, engage and make a difference.