Enjoy time with your friends, get your sleep and eat lots were some of the tips shared by NetballSmart ambassadors at the Celebration Box Netball NZ U18 Champs in Rotorua.

Erikana Pedersen, Holly Fowler and Sam Winders enjoyed watching the action on day one, reminiscing about their school days and reminding players about the importance of taking care of yourself and being NetballSmart.

"Sleep is so important at a long tournament. Your body and mind will get more and more tired as the week goes on, so it has to be a priority," said Pedersen.

The New Zealand age-group teams were offered a Q&A session where they quizzed the trio on their Netball journey - a timely opportunity considering national selectors are scouting emerging talent throughout the week.

"Recovery is key, cool down properly, stretch after the games, use your rollers. Stay on top of it," said Fowler who has recovered from two ACL injuries.

NetballSmart Programme Manager Jenny Storey and Development Officers, who are on hand throughout the week offering physiotherapy and support, have been really encouraged to see teams recovering well.

"It's certainly important throughout a tournament, but it's equally important after your weekly games. There are lots of great ways you can help your body to recover - it's just about allocating that time," said Storey.