A specific set of resources called - SmartAnkle - has been launched as part of Netball New Zealand's NetballSmart initiative to address the sport's number one injury.

The resources have been welcomed by players and coaches and include top prevention tips, strapping and bracing advice and information on returning to play.

“As a dynamic and explosive game on an unforgiving surface, Netball is a hard sport on your ankles. So, it comes as no surprise that ankle sprains are our most common injury," says NetballSmart physiotherapist Gwen Harrop.

"Netballers need to have strong ankles and wear appropriate netball shoes to cope with the demands of the game; a game packed with fast side-ways movements, direction changes, landings and challenges to balance and reflexes,” says Harrop.

Check out the SmartAnkle resources here

Sulu's Top Five Ankle Tips

  1. Do your ankle exercises
  2. Tape or brace after a sprain
  3. Warm-up
  4. Get ASICS Netball shoes
  5. Practice how you land